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  • 快樂小學 試行回家「零功課」

    功課太多令莘莘學子壓力爆煲,更直接影響親子關係,隨時令家中客廳變「戰場」。近日不少學校相繼「覺悟」,想辦法減輕學生將功課帶回家的壓力,有小學提倡功課即堂完成,或將功課輔導編入下午課節,讓學生回家「零功課」,校長更以「三贏」形容新變革。 Read more

  • Pigeon牙膠可以咬碎?男嬰吞碎膠落肚

    嬰兒長牙時期,不少父母會選擇購買牙膠給子女「磨」牙,訓練牙齒咬合能力。近日有媽媽在社交網站發帖,聲稱其購買給11個月大兒子的Pigeon牙膠居然咬爛,兒子更將咬碎的物質吞下肚,更因此入院兩日,吞下腹中的牙膠碎粒至今仍未排出體外,令她倍感擔憂。 Read more

  • The American Teenager in 2015 - Time

    None of these kids know what will come ahead—but, as 50 years of history have shown, that’s part of being a teenager. They’ll enter adulthood under a new President and Read more

  • Here’s Where You’re Going to Find the Best Schools in the World

    Asian countries claimed the top five spots in a global math-and-science-education ranking administered by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) while the Read more

  • 2015香港最具教育競爭力小學50強龍虎榜

    媒體報道:直資嚇走窮尖子 恐得不償失 - 香港經濟日報 : 20130816 - 社論分析引用『2014香港中學教育競爭力排行榜』排名結果 Read more

  • Asia tops biggest global school rankings

    The biggest ever global school rankings have been published, with Asian countries in the top five places and African countries at the bottom.
    Read more

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